Breakwater: Stylish with a hint of elegance

21 February 2017

My visit to the Breakwater Restaurant, one of the most beautifully situated restaurants in the Maldives graced me with a memorable understanding of how Maldivian restaurants work and what they try to implement.

Breakwater Restaurant is one of the best situated restaurants in the Maldives. With stunning views of the beach and ocean right beside the restaurant, it is worth visiting just for its spectacular views. A modest atmosphere surrounded the restaurant with a beautiful night sky view and the aroma of freshly cooked dishes spread across the warm seating area lined with tables gazing out into the ocean.

A common saying is that restaurants cleanliness can always be judged by its restrooms. Breakwater was acceptable for me that night with its averagely clean lavatories.

Wanting to sample the standards of the restaurant, I ordered a  one of mocktail  from the menus, which took less than five minutes to reach me. Waiters were polite and very respectful in their behavior, and were cautious as well as keen to keep my satisfied. The drinks were refreshing and energizing which actually got me excited for the rest the night to come.

As the restaurant boasts a multitude of dishes from various cuisines, I wanted to experience the expertise of the restaurant and its chefs in the art of gastronomy. I selected the lamb chops from the sumptuous menu. When it came, I was not disappointed by the mouthwatering aroma that hit my nostrils. The restaurant provided good on its promise of providing a range of tasty dishes from various cuisines. The lamb chops were exquisite and came with a side of potato and vegetables which complemented each other well. The boiled vegetables paired along with the gravy filled lamb chops and potato was very tasty, which I took as a testament to the chef’s skills and the standard of the Restaurant itself.

Everything at the restaurant are well priced and not expensive than any other restaurant in town. Specialty dishes such as sea food might cost a little bit more, but other dishes were priced along the same scale as other restaurants in the city, with some dishes costing less than they normally would at other restaurants.

I briefly got the chance to meet with the head chef and the manager of the restaurant on my visit to the restaurant. Chef Chamara divulged his previous work experiences in restaurants such as City Garden in the Maldives. He also explained how he tries to satisfy his customers and noted that there nothing that is not available from the restaurant if a customer asks. Chef Chamara says that various cuisines such as Mexican, Indonesian, Italian and Indian influences his cooking style and he tries to adapt these dishes with a hint of Maldivian cuisines so that the customers are left satisfied with an amazing experience.

Manager, Mr. Hassan Zareer also shed some light on the aspirations he has for the restaurant with a new menu as well as a dining area. Mr. Zareer also explained the difficulties the restaurant faces with noise pollution as the restaurant is located in one of the busiest areas of the city. He also backed chef Chamara and reiterated that there is no dish that the Breakwater Restaurant cannot provide to its guests upon request. Able to house more than 200 customers the breakwater restaurant treats its staff like its family and everyone has their own tasks with no supervision required. Such is their dedication of the staff that Mr. Zareer informed that the restaurant takes good care of its staff.

During my visit, I also got the opportunity to visit the backstage of the restaurant and see the staff go about their routines. Highly dedicated and focused, it was like a well oiled machine with everyone sticking to their specific tasks.

One of the most notable moments in the night was when the manager invited me to sample a new entry into the menu of the restaurant, Truffle oil French fries. After trying out the French fries I had nothing but praise for the leaps that the restaurant is taking in the industry, and without a doubt would recommend the restaurant as the best French fries in Male’ city that I have tasted so far.

A stunning environment, combined with good food, Breakwater is one of the best restaurants in town and is only looking to get better in the future. I would recommend the restaurant for anyone, whether it is a romantic dinner, or a get together with colleagues, the restaurant is a wonderful location.