Story of Maldives by MMPRC

28 February 2017

 "Story of Maldives" has been launched by Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC). 

Integrated Marketing campaign "Story of Maldives" has been scheduled for 2017 and 2017.  While this new strategy implemented by government based PR organization MMPRC has planed collaborations with local talents and support from businesses to proceed.  

The campaign consists of culture , talent, music , technology , experience , music and many more with interactions through powerful social media strategies.

The "Story of Maldives" consist of 15 integrated components:

  • Stories of Maldives – Dhivehi Vaahaka (Online Video Series with a Local Partner)
  • Memoirs of Maldivians – Dhivehinnge’ Dhulunn (Online Video Series with a Local Partner)
  • Adventures of Maldives – Dhivehi Aahitha (Facebook Competition)
  • Children of Maldives – Leynaaru (Online Video Series with a Local Partner)
  • Melodies of Maldives by Nashid’s Children (Nish, Nash and Izy) – Dhivehi Raagu (Facebook Competition)
  • Games of Maldives – Dhivehi Kulhivaru Vaahaka (Online Video Series with a Local Partner)
  • Personal Travel Experiences – Magey Dhathuru (Facebook Competition)
  • Sandbank Futsal Match Video Shoot (Partnership with FAM)
  • Creative Live Marketing Events
  • Destination Video 2017
  • Desktop Calendar Wallpapers
  • Expansion of Social Media Presence
  • Celebrity Press Trips
  • Mobile Game App Development (Partnership with a mobile game developer)
  • Merchandising Partnership (Phone Cover Creation with a local partner)