In-Room Entertainment Options and the Hotel Guest Experience

07 March 2017

The tourist experience is expanding day by day and the visitors who pay to reach fine destinations are seeking to indulge themselves in various outdoor and indoor activities.

Just limiting yourself to a table-tennis or a dart session and hitting the waters are no longer enough for tourists who fly from miles for their getaway. While there are various water-sports activities and a wide array of excursions for the tourists to experience here in Maldives, they may want to kick back a bit and lay down during a rainy day, thus it means that they would most definitely seek to engage themselves in some indoor activities.

In-room entertainment is the trend that is currently on the boom across various parts of the globe where resort services are catered for visitors. As the world has entered into a technological era where smartphones and phablets are owned by almost everyone, and all the tacky bits everyone did manually can now be solved through their hand-held devices, many have been opting to online streaming services when it comes to entertainment.

Reasons are many, and one of the most crucial factors is that the range or genres of contents available are vast and regularly updated. Gone are the days when you had to walk towards the guest relations counter to rent a DVD, and the newer generations want fresher contents without having to leave the comfort of their room and long gone are the days of traditional cable TV.

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are similar online streaming services that has taken the world by storm and it had been crossing borders at a fast pace. One of the major advantages of online steaming services is that it allows the users to keep track of their favored contents and they don’t have to miss out on their favorite shows even if they are out of country.

This new dynamic in the in-room entertainment is currently adapted by many of the world wide hotels in order to boost and put a notch up on delivering a quality guest experience.

Here in Maldives, the first streaming services to reach its wings would be Netflix and while many of the locals are busy opening their accounts and experiencing the fast and on-the-go services of the service, it is still not properly utilized in the resort or guest house industry.

While several of the resorts deliver an in-room entertainment service, through services like UIEvolution and such, the emphasis here is on the possibility of introducing worldwide accepted streaming services over here in Maldives, especially to the resort industry.

Introducing these services like Netflix or Hulu would not only be a feasible business opportunity for the entities who take the initiative but also it would be a catalyst that can result in boosting the tourism as a whole as well.

Guests who are visiting Maldives for their vacations would prioritize mostly to relax and chill though there would be the adventurous ones too, however, even they would want to lay back a bit and catch up on any of their favorite movies or series, and a fast and up to date video streaming service is the right option for that.

While some of the broad application software used for in-room entertainment, which is complex and attaining it is at times slightly difficult – and more for properly keeping it updated – yet it has become the first option due to the versatility and the customizable features it delivers.

From greeting the user to dropping reminders and allowing the users to binge watch their favorite sit-coms, not to mention allowing them to schedule their movie-time in an easy flow – in room entertainment delivers the expectations of each and every use based on their favored conditions.

It is of prime importance that in catering hotelier services for the guests, the businesses must adapt and evolve based on consumer needs, and with the technological advancement, new and innovative ways of entertaining the mass are coming into effect.

To ignore these rising trends would be a huge drawback for any business that is trying to deliver a quality service for its consumers/customers, given how customers would be always on the lookout to get the best and latest experience that any given hotel or resort has to offer.