FollowMe Tracking Service

07 March 2017

A day in the life of a fleet manager can make the average person’s head spin. They have to stay organized and be successful in running operations. They have to know exactly where their assets are, its status, travel route, speed, estimated time of arrival, and a host of other such information. Realistically speaking, for the majority of the world including businesses and personal users, life would not be the same without the internet and related technologies.


FollowMe Tracking Service provides an excellent solution for these problems in the form of an application that uses GPS tracking technology. It has rolled out the first real time GPS tracking application and interface in Maldives for vessels, vehicles and other assets. It enables owners, managers and supervisors to track, monitor and manage their vessels, vehicles and other assets real time by using GPS and send instant updates to its owner in the form of travel location, speed, direction and access to travel history.


Instant tracking & monitoring is crucial in a country where 99% of the country consists of water. It is targeted for individual users and organizations who have a fleet of vessels and vehicles. FollowMe Tracking Service is in use by numerous vessels and various organizations in Maldives.


An application like FollowMe Tracking Service is something that can bring unprecedented efficiency gains to the boat/launch section of resorts, where numerous vessels are in operation at any given time.  In the tourism industry, speed boats are often used to pick up tourists from one place to another and a major goal of these resorts would to keep the tourist waiting time to a minimum and plan out the best route. The supervisor or manager can pre define the travel routes of the vessels and can monitor if the vessels are travelling according to the set plan. In an instant, information about the time it will take to reach the location is available; conveniently on the smart phone.


It also addresses one of the biggest concern faced by tourists when travelling, the issue of safe transportation. Through the SOS button in the tracking device, boat captains can send a signal to the authorities and the owner about the emergency and prevent the problem of getting lost in sea by enabling the authorities to determine the exact location of the vessel.


FollowMe is a wonderful service that can bring cost effectiveness in the form of saving fuel costs. FollowMe Tracking Service can help overcome high fuel cost through pre defining the travel route, monitoring idling with reports and alerts and monitoring speed by checking the vessel status and history.


FollowMe Tracking Service is the largest tracking network being used in the Maldives and is a 100% Maldivian invention made by a Maldivian Programmer, Mr. Ahmed Asif. It’s an award winning application in the Maldivian EXPO 2015. Mr. Asif in an exclusive interview with Island Chief stated that the major aim of FollowMe Tracking Service is providing real time information about the whereabouts of valuable assets to its owners in an easy and convenient interface. and their Android application “FollowMe Vessel Tracker” can be used to track boats and vehicles at real-time.


It have a host of other advanced features including geo-fencing, instant movement alerts, trip logs, trace route, route play, etc. It also allows users to view the fleet movement in TV screen. FollowMe Tracking Service uses a special tracking device which is available to be purchased through its website and the company provides easy configuration in three simple steps.


The scope for such an application is numerous. It can be used in delivery businesses, transportation companies, taxi centers, individual use and for anything that needs tracking. Mr. Asif have the dream of serving multiple industries and users and make it available globally so that customers can track anything anywhere in the world through FollowMe Tracking Service.