Value added Sports Uniforms

12 March 2017

Resorts comprise of people with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Top managements are always on the lookout for creative ways to break the ice and build cohesive teams to perform at their best. For such reasons, quality resorts go the extra mile to conduct various team building activities.  The most commonly anticipated such activities include inter-department football and volleyball tournaments where each team works their best to bring home the winning title.

 Winning takes collective hard work and effort, a true illustration of teamwork. The team players go through some tough times on and off the pitch, testing their mettle.  Part of the effort includes acquiring team uniforms that is agreeable to all team members while meeting the budget. On top of that an associate travelling to the stores in Male’, browsing jerseys while passing on Viber photos of different styles and colours adds to the hassle. In addition to the cost of time, customization requirements such as jersey numbers and player names all add to the total cost.

 Sonee Sports is setting out to change all that. The industry top brands supplied by Sonee Sports is available for purchase at their own website. The customization of these jerseys is now offered for FREE! The teams simply need to go on and follow the simple steps to choose their desired uniform jerseys, get it printed for free and have it delivered at the team’s desired location.

 Since 1991 Sonee Sports has been the champion of uniform jerseys, specialising in sports performance with fashionable, high-quality and functional team sports apparel. Recognising the need for a better experience in the industry, Sonee Sports has a passion for football and other sports and works closely with global brand partners like Adidas, Nike, and FBT to deliver jerseys that outperform the rest.

 Sonee Sports also offers a fast and reliable solution in making payments for these jerseys. Individual teams can make instant online payments on the website and for the resorts ordering jerseys in their name, credit facilities are available online. They clearly understand the need for urgency when it comes to ordering jerseys and they are on a mission to provide the solution for this as well.

 So why shop for uniform jerseys anywhere else when Sonee Sports provide free printing, delivery and now credit facility too? Sonee Sports has become the ultimate go-to source for uniform jerseys.