Bakery & Pastry Training Opportunity at SchapfenMühle, Germany by Lily International

16 April 2017

Some of the best chefs in the Maldives were rewarded with the opportunity to undergo training sessions at SchapfenMühle, one of the world’s most iconic institutes in Germany. This opportunity has been offered to chefs from all across the country by Lily International since 2014 and this year’s participants were more than excited to be a part of this program and to learn from some of the best in the culinary industry.

This trip was organized with the main purpose of renew and modernize the knowledge of these chefs nominated from different resorts and hotels across the country get a better understanding of the new trends being developed across Europe in the bakery and pastry sector. Lily International strongly believes that this is one of the best ways that the company can help the culinary industry of the Maldives. Highly regarded for their expertise and experience in the Maldives these chefs experienced the full extent of the new ideas, strategies and methods about the bakery and pastry sector from the prominent SchapfenMühle institute in Germany during their recent trip.

Speaking to Chef Ravindran Deivasigamani, the executive chef  at Hulhule' Island Hotel who was one of the participants of this workshop, it was clear how excited they were with this massive opportunity and were described as a chance of a lifetime and were grateful to Lily International that they could be the ones to gain this valuable knowledge. These chefs will learn all about the new developments in the industry in addition to learning about the significance of healthy foods and how to create such cuisines. Supplies for these cuisines would be supplied by none other than SchapfenMühle and Lily International and these chefs would be encouraged to pass on the knowledge that they receive during their sessions at the institute. Even though they are very experienced and some of the best in the country, these chefs were very enthusiastic about this chance and were looking forward to passing on their knowledge and developing the culinary industry of the Maldives even further.

Lasting a total of five days with eleven participants from countries such as Qatar, UAE and Bahrain, these chefs took in the beauty and the amazing culture of SchapfenMühle, and its facilities based in Ulm, which is not far from Munich. The members of this workshop learned all about the current trends, special techniques and history of baking which is very much a part of SchapfenMühle. Experienced trainers and staffs from SchapfenMühle, imparted their knowledge and wisdom of the bakery sector with the participants, which included learning about the new techniques and trends as well as ingredients science during a visit to the Research and Development Centre of SchapfenMühle, which was also one of the main highlights of the trip.

The training program was concluded with every participant being awarded a certificate of participation, who were over the moon with this workshop which enhanced their knowledge and gave them an insight into some new and developing techniques and trends of the industry from one of the leading companies in the sector.

SchapfenMühle is one of the oldest companies in the industry and are highly regarded company with state of the art facilities and filled with experts of the industry. The company is a strong upholder of traditional values by mastering new technologies without forgetting the roots of their trade and since its foundation in 1452, SchapfenMühle has been one of the most prominent members of the baking trade. It is also an international provider with a broad range of innovative products, with a wide-ranging service portfolio. The company also provides bakers with support and ideas for applications that go far beyond the product itself and the chefs from Maldives will be receiving just that. This opportunity by Lily International is offered to chefs from all across the Maldives every year and is regarded as a way of giving back to the industry and aiding in developing the bakery and pastry sector of the culinary industry of Maldives.