02 May 2017

Arsen Pvt Ltd is a rising company committed to providing industrial kitchen and laundry products, food and beverage products from the most reputed manufacturers in the world.

The company, since its beginnings in 2012 has aspired to provide the best quality of products along with tailor-made services and aims to become the optimum one stop solution by delivering world class products ranging from food and beverages, consumer industrial kitchen and laundry machinery, spare parts to consumer goods for the hotel industry and local market.



Arsen Pvt Ltd brings a premium brand of light snacks to the Maldives market in the form of Mani Food with countless different flavor. People who have travelled from Emirates Airline flights may be familiar with this delicious and healthy snack and its 45 different flavors.

Nuts & Dried Fruits

Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are gaining popularity around the world due to its reputation for being the kings of “Healthy Snacking”. Frequent nut consumption has been linked to a reduction in the risk of major chronic diseases, including heart and blood vessel disorders and Type 2 diabetes and also not to mention that they taste delicious. Nuts are being primarily used as “Snacks” globally with a growth of above 27% worldwide.

Mani Foods has a long history going back for over 120 years. It was founded in 1887, and the company has a rich heritage of trading nuts and dried fruits. Mani Foods emphasizes the need for healthy choices as snacks and ingredients and achieves this by meeting the needs of the consumers by driving innovation to create healthy, yummy and guilt free snacking at affordable prices.

The companies facilities in Dubai, UAE are global standard automated facilities with, state-of the art automated facilities which are HACCP, ISO & Halal Certified. These facilities are equipped to handle roasting & flavoring with Laser controlled sorting as well as multiple lines for concurrent processing runs in a logistics and supply chain integrated process.

Mani Foods take pride in delivering healthy products which include dry roasted nuts and dried fruits with:

·         No added oils

·         Unique flavors

·         Highly attractive packaging

·         No artificial colors or preservatives

       Yummy Flavors/ Varieties come in three different hear warming varieties ranging from 13, 15, 2 gms.

·         The Yummy Sweet Cocktail Flavors is a nutritious blend of Papaya, pineapple, raisins, almonds, cashews & pistachios.

·         Meanwhile the Yummy Almonds with BBQ, is a heart healthy mix of almonds dry-roasted with delicious barbecue flavor.

·         Finally, the Yummy Peanuts with Paprika Flavor is a carefully selected crunchy dry-roasted Peanuts with sweet paprika.


2.       The larger flavors of Man Yummy Flavors also come in six different varieties with packets ranging from 35, 40, 50 gms.

·         Cashews - Dry roasted with fresh ground pepper and sea salt.

·         Sweet Cocktail - A Nutritious blend of Papaya, pineapple, raisins, almonds, cashews & pistachios.

·         Almonds with BBQ - A heart healthy mix of almonds dry-roasted with delicious barbecue flavor.

·         Berry & Nuts - Mixed and dried roasted almonds, pistachios, cranberries, raisins & pumpkin seeds.

·         Peanuts with Paprika – A carefully selected crunchy dry-roasted Peanuts with sweet paprika.

·         Pistachios - Crunchy Pistachios with Black pepper and sea salt.


3.       The Mani Yummy Family Packs come with seven flavors.

·         Pistachios / Almonds/ Nuts cocktail/ Peanuts/ Cashews/ Sweet cocktail.

·         Weight: 175 ~ 200 gms.


4.       Another product of Mani Foods is the Fruitality Snack Packs with flavors such as Sultana Raisins and Cranberries with each packet weighing 35 gms.


5.       Mani also has Fruitality Family Packs which come in six flavors ranging from 160 ~ 300 gms with:

·         No additives or preservatives.

·         Naturally sun dried.

·         Nuts and dried fruits of the highest quality.


6.       Mani Standard Packs range from 5 gms to 300 gms and has ten different and delicious flavors.