Tête-à-Tête with Randy Postrado

30 November -0001

A small chat with the Director of Food & Beverages at Bandos Maldives has provided us with some really good insights into the industry as well as some in depth knowledge of how things work in terms of F&B at one of the best resorts in the Maldives. Mr. Randy Postrado described every detail of Bandos Maldives as specially catered and targeted for the satisfaction of their patrons as well as staying in line with the open minded legacy of Bandos and the Maldives, starting with the restaurants and bars.

Mr. Randy briefed on some of the F&B outlets of the resort, and reminded us how much of an effort is needed to make things work at the restaurants and bars to keep their guests satisfied and maintain their names in the list of the top F&B outlets found in the Maldives.

The Sand Bar at Bandos, was the first name to come up during our conversation and was described by Mr. Randy as the main site of entertainment at the resort and the names of some of the stars who perform there almost regularly gave us an indication of what an amazing time the management provides to its guests every single night in terms of entertainment. Traditional dancers and Boduberu music bands also perform their craft at the bar. On Thursdays, the Sand Bar was described as being on fire with DJ’s and dancing as well as different types of performances including some by the bartenders who displayed unrealistic skills with bottles on fire and demonstrate different techniques of making cocktails. On Saturdays, the Sand Bar caters for those guests who are looking for a more relaxing time and the area is kept as quiet and calm as possible with the entertainment being moved to the Huvan Bar across the island. It left us with the impression that every night at Bandos is organized under a theme as well as providing a different experience. The management carefully and equally divides the days for wild party nights and the more quiet and relaxing nights as well as nights for entertainment and leisure.

The most romantic and beautiful setting point of the island was described as the Huvan Bar. Traditional and romantic as well as comedy movies are played at the bar which is the most beautiful vantage point for the sunset from the whole island. The unique setting and location on what appears to be a pier made it impossible to describe the Huvan Bar as nothing but magical.

The 24 hour restaurant Sea Breeze which also comes with its very own bar was spread out over a large area. Comfortable seating spaces in addition to a vast menu filled with every single choice of popular dining made it crystal clear why the restaurant was rated as the most popular restaurant of the resort. The gorgeous view was certainly something to have by your side when dining at the outdoor decks of the restaurant. Recently renovated, the Sea Breeze has seen a surge in the number of customers who are dying to dine at one of the finest restaurants the Maldives has ever seen. Home to a wonderful team, the chefs at the Sea Breeze are full of diverse ideas and knowledge of the industry. Whether it’s Japanese Sushi or Mediterranean Pizza or a classy Lobster dinner, everything is available at the restaurant.

Home to a team of Thai chefs, the Koon Thai restaurant is one of the most welcoming places on the island. A massive restaurant with a beautiful view, the main aims at Koon Thai is to provide the most authentic Thai food for its guests. As the Thai cuisine is a difficult one to master for any chef, Bandos Maldives was described as being lucky enough to be blessed with an experienced, wonderful and talented team, who are all from the exotic land of Thailand.

Umi Yaki, which simply means ‘Grill by the Sea’ is one of the resort's newest openings, and it has proven to be hugely popular with their guests so far. The restaurant is into its first year since opening and has exceeded all expectations with its talented chefs who perform for their patrons in addition to providing the delicious foods from the Japanese cuisine. Even though limited in seating, the restaurant has maneuvered itself around the problem and houses more than a dozen guests in two sessions, giving the opportunity for more guests to experience the newly opened outlet.

On top of these amazing restaurants and bars, Bandos Maldives also provides catering services for the many events it hosts. Whether it be a conference, convention or a gathering Bandos Maldives and its catering team take pride in providing the best foods for their clients. Bandos Maldives also has its very own kid’s menus in every outlet. The resort is also home to various locations for intimate private dinners for couples who are looking for the romance that the Maldives is so popular for. Mr. Randy informed us that the menu’s at the restaurants change every few months and also has a trouble free guest-waiter call system in place. He went on to describe their efforts as maintaining to the gold standards in dining. The resort even provides for guests who have specific allergy reactions to certain foods. The resort keeps improving every year in accordance with the views they receive from their customers.

Understanding and good communication were simply all that was needed for Bandos Maldives to be labeled as the most family friendly resort in the Maldives and also the reason why the resort has a huge number of repeat guests who have been visiting for almost 44 years. The amazing food and beverage outlets at the resort are certainly some of the best in the Maldives and would surely prove to be an unforgettable dining experience for anyone.