Celebrate Happyness in Tailor Made Dives™

22 May 2017

Travelling is an activity enjoyed by the world, to experience the cultures, architecture and activities of different countries. There has been one rule in travelling, to reach as many destinations as possible. Travelling to destinations you admire the most or to travel to those places again and again. Repetitive visits made to destinations are for several reasons, to enjoy their natural phenomenon, or to experience the country’s exotic flora and fauna, or to view magical skies at a certain time of year.

Maldives, a destination chosen for its blue skies, glowing white beaches and the incomparable underwater beauty. Recognised as a diver’s paradise and a tropical destination of exotic romance for couples, or just to enjoy a spacious beach with your family.

Through wisdom passed from generation to generation, we learnt of our two monsoons, ‘Hulhangu’ where we experience rough seas and rainy days, and ‘Iruvai’ where it’s a celebration of the sun, the sparkling seas and full spectrum sunsets. With metrological knowledge accessible through handheld devices, every traveller plans their time at Maldives to enjoy sun tanning on a beach or to swim in crystal clear lagoons that graduates to all the shades of blue.

Maldives as a renowned dive destination, is dip that you have to take as a dive enthusiast. Diving is an expensive hobby, from equipment to dive charges. Not to mention the excess baggage that has to be paid for your equipment or sore shoulders that you get carrying them. Investing your time and money, you would not want to be subjected to an uneventful dive, ascending from your safety stop without crossing paths with a magical sea creature.

What is that you want on your diving holiday? What are your interests? Is it to enjoy the best of Maldives or to capture it on your GoPro? To snap a selfie with a turtle? To rollercoaster through an adrenalin fuelled dive with shivers of sharks?

Every traveller has their own interests and preferences, as do every diver. Some enjoy viewing Flat Worms (Spanish Dancers) which is merely 30 millimetres (1.2 inches) long, while others take delight in Whale Sharks, the largest fish in the world. Interests are too diverse, to group them together.

Diving is fun as long as you stay within the limits of your computer followed by safe diving practices. Three dives a day followed by an 18 hours surface time or 24 hours surface time as per safe diving practices of Maldives before you can fly home.

Pondering into these questions and looking into our own dive holidays, Rasdhoo Scubas’ ‘Bubble team’ (Dive Team) decided to come up with a product that redefines current diving market. With 7000+ hours underwater guiding and teaching the world to dive, we have learnt, to understand our ‘Bubble Spots’ (dive sites) like no other. By collecting temperature, weather, current and tide movement, we know at which times of the day, year or month where certain marine life come out or visits certain Bubble Spots. Research, guidance from marine biologists and years of diving have paid off on bringing “Tailor Made Dives™” to our clients.

“Tailor Made Dives™” doesn’t only mean that you get to choose which boat, which guide or which dive site. “Tailor Made Dives™” is when you tell us your interests of your dive holiday in Maldives, We customise dives exclusively for you, taking into consideration the time of the day you would prefer diving, marine life you want to see or how much time you want to spend going to a Bubble spot.

Then comes the best part of “Tailor Made Dives™”, if you do not see discussed marine life and condition are not as we stated, we don’t charge you for that dive and you get a free dive to another Bubble Spot or the same one.

Another advantage is that, it is your dive, you don’t have to end your dive when the other group or next person runs out of air except for your buddy or partner you flew to holiday with, you don’t have to swim your tank out cause your dive guide is chasing another guest or slow down your dive cause your dive guide is trying to take care of a guest whose poking the reef or a marine animal, while the reason you paid is passing in the blue slowly swiping its tail!

“Tailor Made Dives™” specially pays out when you are photographer, you can wait your whole dive for that perfect shot in one place, or kick as far out from the reef to shoot that wide shot of the reef.

“Tailor Made Dives” gives you a safe warm feeling underwater as you don’t have to keep up to pro divers standards if you are newbie, or be frustrated with a newbie running out of air on all 10 dives of your holiday; that you have to come up to your safety stop with 150 still left in your tanks.

“Tailor Made Dives™” makes diving more fun and change the world of diving into a celebration. As we say #CelebrateHappynessInPressure.

After all it is your holiday and not mine, you spend your money to your worthwhile. We believe that what you pay for has to be customized to you or should be paid to your happiness.

“Tailor Made Dives™” up to this point may sound as an expensive unaffordable product. But it is not, we charge as much as any other dive center will charge you for their schedule dives on local tourism sector of Maldives.

With “Tailor Made Dives™” you can plan your dive holiday to your exact dates with our free pre- consultation offered, only if you are diving with us :D

Rasdhoo Scuba has one product it is “Tailor Made Dives™”, Bauer Fresh Air certified compressor room, latest Beuchat Dive BCD, Aqualung balanced regulators just compliments our product, “Tailor Made Dives™”. Adhering to our philosophy we maintained the equipment in out of dive operations for best experiences. 

Every dive guide is considered experienced when you make 300+ dives to the same dive sites year round, and if you take personal notes of the dive site you are able to provide a better dive to clients. Crafting such a product was the result of continued frustration during our dive holidays. When we finally got the opportunity to provide such a service to the diving community we wanted it to be a “celebration of happyness!”

At Rasdhoo Scuba your holiday becomes a celebration and an experience of a product finely tweaked to divers. You check in as a client and you check out as a close friend or a part of the family. Life is a celebration anywhere. If you celebrate it responsibly it can be a cherished moment of your life you share with others.

“Celebrate Happyness in pressure” is a slogan that we came up, in reflect to the time it took to build the place and the dives we made to log critical information and research of Bubble Spots to make “Tailor Made Dives™” a reality to our guests.

Happyness with a ‘Y’ is not a spelling mistake, but it represents the joy and celebration, emphasizing the happy in happiness thus creating the word Happyness.

Dive@rasdhooscuba.com for consultation to dive with us and check our FB page facebook.com/RasdhooScuba and Instagram @RasdhooScuba for tremendous and happy moments of our dives and the celebration we have out here at Rasdhoo “The home of the Hammedheads and Mantas”.