Highrise Partners with MATATO in launching international promotion brand MALDIVES SHOWCASE

18 June 2017

Leading Event Management Company High Rise Private Limited has partnered with Maldives Association of Travel Agents & Tour Operators (MATATO) in introducing an annual international brand namely "Maldives Showcase".  Mr. Abdulla Suood , Vice President of MATATO and Mr. Ismail Hameed (Highrise Issey) reviled the brand "Maldives Showcase" at a special function held at Unima Grand Hotel in Male'. 

During the announcing of Maldives Showcase, MATATO's President Mr. Abdulla Ghiyas mentioned that MATATO has been exploring the idea with Highrise for a long time and finally announcing a platform to promote the destination under an own label. Mr. Ghiyas added that, there are many International Companies invested in tourism sector and many tourists from neighboring destinations visiting the Maldives. Hence, he believes that Maldives Showcase would be an ideal platfrom to present the businesses. 

Mr. Ismail Hameed (Highrise Issey) mentioned that Maldives Showcase will present Tourism, Talents, Tastes and Trading Sector in an International Platform. He also mentioned that the initial event is scheduled to take place in Colombo, Sri Lanka during December 2017.