The Island Chief Appointed as SATA 2017 Travel Media Partner

09 July 2017

The partnership agreement between Partners and SATA was signed in a function held this Saturday morning at Champa Central Hotel by Vice President of SATA India, Mr.Suraj Khan and respective representatives from Partners. The Islandchief was represented by Managing Editor Mr. Mashhood Abdulla.

Partnership agreements signed include:

- Hospitality Partner: Champa Central Hotel

-Travel Media Partner: Maldives Insider, Maldives Publications (The Island Chief), MV Hotels

-TV Media Partner: Public Service Media, Maldives TV

Speaking during the function, Vice President of SATA, Mr.Suraj Khan noted that 414 travel and tourism stakeholders from India, Sri Lanka and Maldives competed in the award as nominees during SATA 2016.

“This year, the award has expanded to include Nepal and Bhutan. We have received over 400 nominations. This is about a 100 percent increase. This means the SATA brand name is gaining regional recognition,” said Suraj Khan.

He noted the nominations included top brands operating in Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.

“They aren’t nominated by us. They nominate themselves. This shows their trust in SATA, and that they wish to gain recognition for their services, brands and businesses through SATA,” said Suraj Khan.

He said SATA aimed to expand the number of participants further.

SATA’s maiden event was held in Sri Lanka at the Mount Lavinia Hotel in 2016. Maldives won the most awards that year with 18 regional awards and five out of seven visitor’s choice awards.

SATA 2017 is exploring the options to host the GALA event in Addu City, Maldives. However, the team did not confirm and mentioned that SATA is open to look into options before confirming the location.