Moodhu Goyye | Celebrating the 3rd Womens Dive Day , LADIES ONLY

13 July 2017

Moodhu Goyye has planned to conduct an event Celebrating the third women's dive day with all the Goyyes out there who loves the ocean ! The LADIES ONLY event is scheduled to take place on 15th July , Saturday at Maagiri Dive Site in North Male' Atoll. 

Moodhu Goyye , an initiative by women watersports and ocean enthusiasts has conducted various programmes in the past to aware , educate and advocate for the women's role in water sports and ocean. 

Surfing, Diving, Swiming and even extreme watersports has been conducted by these women of all ages. The love to Ocean by these women has set sample and created interest among the remaining to join hands and enjoy the waters of the nation which consists of 99% ocean and 1% land.