SATA 2017 Gala Retreat Scheduled for October in Maldives

15 July 2017

The South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) endorsed by multinational organizations have scheduled to hold it's 2nd Annual Gala Retreat in the Maldives during October 2017.

SATA with over 400 nominations from major hospitality industry brands and services did close the nominations for this year on 31st May. Currently online voting process is taking place while professional evaluation panel will be traveling to India's 4 cities , Male' - Maldives , Colombo - Sri Lanka and Kathmandu - Nepal during mid August. Already The Chancery Pavilion Hotel Bangalore and Champa Central Hotel , Male' has been confirmed as hospitality partners while Maldives TV , MV Hotels, The islandchief and Maldives Insider has been confirmed as travel media partners of the event.

The organizers of SATA advised that , they are exploring the possibilities to host 2017 edition in down south of Maldives (Addu City). However, the location has not been finalized as there are lots of logistical challenges to host an event in Addu City. Meanwhile, the official added that other venues are in consideration of hosting SATA Gala Retreat.