Beverage Manager /Wine Sommelier Interview: Bobby Joseph

06 August 2017

1. Could you please tell us about your beginnings?

 I pursued my hotel Management degree in India. After that, I had the liberty of working for Taj Group of properties in India. After working at Taj, I was able to find work in The Maldives in 2006. Since then I have worked in many properties including Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas holding several roles in Food & Beverage. By August 2016 I was given the opportunity to join Bandos Maldives as a Beverage Manager/Wine Sommelier. I was a certified Bartender through WSET (Wine and Spirits Educational Trust). During my course, I had the convenience of travelling across Europe. Through France, Italy and Slovenia while visiting many vineyards and wineries to gain more valuable experience that has helped me excel in the field. I always considered my time in these countries most significant to my career and success today.

2. Could you tell us a little bit about the wine selection at Bandos Maldives? 

We at Bandos are committed to maintain our collections to the highest standards. We carry an amazing selection of wines which are compatible with our guest preferences also the cuisines we serve. We have most of the world recognized labels including Champagnes and Wines from 15 different countries especially old world France, Italy, Spain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and New World like India and Thailand, China and many more.

3. Which ones are the most popular with visiting guests? 

Maldives being atolls of tropical islands; it’s nice to chill with a bubbly, light and young white or Rose wine during the day and for late evenings perhaps a Red Wine. We obtain a vast selection from which we recommend our guests into enhancing their dining experience with us. 

4. Which wines would you recommend to guests at Bandos Maldives?

  Well I would say all the wines from our list, our wines are selected very carefully and we are delighted to provide recommendations according to our guest desires.  

5. What are the main duties of a Beverage Manager/ Wine Sommelier?

 Beverage Manager/ Wine Sommelier at Bandos Maldives is entirely responsible for the beverage operation of the resort – creating standards for beverage services through managing revenue from the outlets. As a Wine Sommelier, it is my duty to know all the aspects and characteristics of the wines and beverages among pairing them with food and providing recommendations. I am responsible for wine selections, designing wine lists, beverage menus, promotional programmes and leading guest experiences as Wine dinners and Wine tasting sessions. We also host training sessions for all F&B associates in order to help them gain expertise and knowledge while improving skills on wines and beverages throughout. 

6. What is the one thing that you focus on the most while carrying out your duties?

 Delivering our guests the ultimate dining experience with the best wines and quality beverages. We ensure to gain repeat business. 

7. Do you select the wines brought to the resort based on the guests and their responses or their preferences? 

Well, yes. Our priority is to bring guest commended wines including market trends among other world recognized wines based on the cuisines we offer. 

8. What are the standards that you try to maintain in your work at Bandos Maldives? 

We ensure a memorable experience to every guest. Nonetheless we are obliged to maintain quality service. Most importantly, we ought to be well informed of our products, be sensible and more aware of our guest choices

9. As a Wine Sommelier, where do you think is the Maldives headed in the tourism industry? And what do you think of a cocktail competition held along with international participants will do in the Maldives? 

 The Maldives is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. As for its tourism industry, it has been growing steadily and has been improving.  I believe that the country can rise even higher in the future.  A cocktail competition can be extensive in accomplishing talents of Food and Beverage professionals. This would be a great platform to showcase their skills and talents. In the past years, we have participated in several Cocktail competitions and our bartenders make it a remarkable moment to achieve the title and represent Maldives in Asia Pacific. Every year we have been continually achieving it because of our talented, creative and skilled bartenders. We are continuously inviting trainers to provide them training on world class standards. Mostly, Maldives being one of the top destinations in the world for holidays, we need something like this to revamp and rejuvenate the industry.