Julius Gabor, Man At The Helm Of Beehive Hotel

03 September 2017

Mr. Julius Gabor is one of the main people responsible for the success of the Beehive Hotel, one of the most successful hotels in the Maldives. Our team here at The islandchief were extremely pleased to get an interview of Mr. Julius who showed us that managing a high class hotel in one of the best travel destinations in the world was not an easy task. Mr. Julius also explained how he managed to leap into the hospitality industry and become successful at a young age in addition to giving us a rare insight of how things are run at the Beehive Hotel.


1)      As a first question, we would like to ask you about your beginnings. How did you get into this field?

I used to be film maker back home in the Philippines, but I always wanted to try new industries so when I got the opportunity to come here to the Maldives, I readily accepted it. Mostly because I believe that we Filipinos and even most Asians are blessed with this natural gift of being good at hospitality and understanding customers and their needs.

2)      That must have been very difficult for you to switch fields just like that. How did you overcome these challenges?

I always try to deal with problems and challenges in a calm manner. It was indeed very difficult at first because I had to face different people and deal with them on an everyday basis, but then again when I thought about it, it wasn’t all that difficult from my previous area of work.

3)      What are the main responsibilities of your job?

Well, as the hotel supervisor I am taking full leadership of all departments. I am tasked with making sure everything runs smoothly and accordingly. I have to oversee and supervise all my staffs and their tasks in addition to addressing any issues or problems that may arise and fix them as soon as possible.


4)      How do you try to implement new ideas and improve the hotel even further?

I would say that I try to implement the Filipino way of hospitality in the hotel as I believe that it is in that area where my knowledge is the richest. However, I also try to constantly try and improve with new developments because I don’t believe that we should be staying still on the same level.

Another important thing that I have tried to improve is the service of the hotel, because I believe that it is one of the most important aspects of hospitality. So to sum up, I would say that here at the Beehive Hotel, we try to improve and develop constantly every day, so that we can compete with the other great hotels of Maldives.

5)      How would you improve the hotel industry of the Maldives?

Improving a world class travel destination..is a difficult task, but I would say so in order to maintain this status the country has to constantly develop and bring out new ideas.

6)      What about the hotel industry?

Maldives is a very well-known travel destination due to its beautiful resorts, So I believe that we should bring the resort atmosphere that the guests crave so much into the hotel industry as well.

7)      How would you describe your staffs? And what is your relationship with them?

I have a great Team, they are extremely dedicated to their work and makes everything around here much more easier. They are also very eager to learn and gain knowledge as well.

I have a very good relationship with my staffs and they assist me in everyday tasks and without them im sure the hotel would not run as smoothly.

8)      Do you try to mentor your staffs?

Yes, I do. I share my knowledge and ideas with them as much as possible and take into account their views and ideas as well.

9)      Could you tell us some of the upcoming new developments and ideas for the Beehive Hotel?

Well, we are currently trying to develop and open a new rooftop restaurant that will be another branch of our inhouse Hive Restaurant. It will be a very popular addition to our hotel since we have a very beautiful view from the terrace.

10)   Do you have any last words that you would like to add?

I am thankful for having smart Directors, for giving me the opportunity and believed that I can do it, I would say that the beehive will be constantly developing to reach higher levels and I would be working hard to ensure that I bring the resort atmosphere to our lovely hotel.