“Semester”- Maldives publications has Announced launch of first ever educational magazine

27 August 2017

Maldives publications have announced the launch of an all new bi-annual magazine covering in depth information and insider scoops on education. The magazine is set to launch its first issue mid-October.

Semester will be designed to aid students and parents to get more comprehensive ideas and solutions to pave way to achieve their goals in life. The magazine will bring together students, institutions, entrepreneurs, Alumni and experts into a common platform featuring a host of rich content.

“I am confident that semester will be an extremely useful guide to help steer the countries youth towards a successful future” Says Mashood Abdullah, CEO of Maldives Publications

“In today’s word the knowledge and education needed to pursue a career in every line of work exists, yet so many of us are left in the dark on where to begin this pursuit of knowledge. We hope to change this and provide a platform to showcase the different educational pursuits that are available today” he added.

Highly influential articles on various topics including Placement guides, Career and Course details, educational news, institution profiles, Study destinations and interesting interviews with reputed personalities and exam winners will also be featured and as such will serve to be an extremely useful resource for the flourishing young generation.

Parents and even teachers will find this magazine to be an extremely handy guide to help children decide what sort of institution and field of studies to pursue to achieve a successful career.

The magazine will be freely distributed to Universities, Colleges, and Schools, Government offices, Libraries, public and private organizations across the country.

Furthermore copies will be circulated to educational fairs and exhibitions across the globe where Maldivians can pursue higher education such as India, Sri Lanaka, Malaysia and Singapore.

Maldives publications is a professional publication company found in 2009 and since then has published an array of magazine and tabloids relating to various flourishing industries of the country. The company has famously published the monthly travel tabloid the island chief which can be found in resorts all over the country and more recently the popular food magazine Dine.