Maldives Travel Awards: Guesthouse Edition 2017 is now open for nomination

05 September 2017

 Maldives Association of travel agents and tour operators (MATATO) has announced the Maldives Travel Awards the Guesthouse Edition 2017 is now open for nominations.

Trip advisor, one of the world’s largest travel website is the strategic partner for Maldives travels awards this addition to this trip advisor will be providing data and analytics based on reviews submitted by travelers who visited the Maldives during the year of 2016

By introducing Maldives Travel Awards: the Guesthouse Edition MATATO aims to cater the demands with emerging businesses in in the growing tourism sector of the Maldives. In addition to the current categories for guesthouses MATATO will be bringing a total of 15 of the categories for this edition.

According to MATATO, it will evaluate the nominations in each category and shortlist five contenders in each category based on their review rating on trip advisor. The contending properties will then be announced and featured for a popular vote that will be carried out by means of SMS and through MATATO website. The deadline to submit nominations for the awards is September 10, while online and SMS voting will be open from September 15 to October 5

 The awards in the Guesthouse Edition will be given in the following categories;

·         Leading Guesthouse

·         Leading Food & Beverage Guesthouse

·         Leading Guesthouse / Diving and Watersports

·         Leading Eco-friendly Guesthouse

·         Leading Business Guesthouse

·         Leading Heritage Guest House

·         Leading Adventure Guest House

·         Most Innovative Guesthouse Concept

·         Leading Guesthouse Brand

·         Leading Transport Service Provider

·         Leading Guesthouse Island

·         Leading Beach Island


The following awards will be selected by MATATO;

·         Leading Business Development Partner for the Guesthouse Industry

·         New Comer of the Year

·         Most Supportive Guesthouse


Maldives Travel Awards is a prize collection created by MATATO to celebrate the commitment, Excellence and Expertise employed in the Maldivian Tourism Industry and was first launched in 2012.

“In addition to bringing a wave of wealth to local communities. Maldives Travel Awards has been recognizing the success of this sector with exclusive categories, introduced every year.” Reads a statement by Matato

Maldives Association of Travel Agents & Tour Operators (MATATO) was found in 2006 by a group of enthusiastic tour operators of Maldives. Currently, the association represents more than 50 travel agents and tour operators in the Maldives. Since 2006, MATATO remains the only travel & tour operators association representing the interests of tour operators in Maldives. Membership of MATATO offers the very best opportunities to meet your key contacts in the same place at the right time. With a stronger and wider membership than ever, there has never been a better time to maximize business opportunities and join MATATO.