Committed to Enhancing Quality of Life in the Maldives

09 October 2017

Deepal Abeywickrama, Senior Vice President - Sales at Nestlé, has been with the ‘Good Food, Good Life’ company for over 31 years. Strong experience across four Nestlé markets overseas, in diverse roles ranging from operations to food service and now sales, has propelled him to his current position in the world’s number one Food and Beverage Company. He shares with us some of Nestlé’s core beliefs and values that have contributed to its success.

“Nestlé is always committed to the welfare of the community it operates in. We believe our purpose as company is to enhance the quality of life for everyone and contribute to a healthier future. We are proud to be living our purpose, and to offer our Maldivian consumers Nestlé’s much loved brands of the highest quality” says Deepal.

Nestlé has been deeply rooted in the country for decades, winning the hearts of local consumers with world renowned brands like Maggi, Nescafé and most especially, Milo. Milo has made its mark in the community and is a flagship product that has become intertwined within the Maldivian sporting industry, sponsoring national events on numerous occasions. By strongly supporting school level sports, Milo has helped children lead a more active lifestyle.

Overall, Nestlé owns more than 2,000 brands that are sold in 191 countries. It is hoped that, given the successful reception of the Maldivian market towards Nestlé, new products from the company will be featured on local supermarket shelves in the coming years.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to present the Maldivian market with new and more exclusive Nestlé products” says Deepal with confidence.

“The Maldivian market possesses great potential because of its strategic location and very popular tourism industry. The country has five times more visitors coming in and out than the population of the country itself. This provides us a great opportunity to market Nestlé products” Deepal explains, praising the Maldives for its geographical position.

Nestlé draws on more than 150 years of nutritional expertise to bring consumers products they can trust. Deepal offers some insight to the elements that have sustained Nestlé’s success for so long. “Nestlé’s marketing strategies can be summarized in three main points: Availability, Visibility and Accessibility. Nestlé products are not put under the carpet; anyone can reach our products, anytime, anywhere. We also have the largest R&D network of any food company in the world, and use best-in-class technologies and processes to ensure the quality and freshness of our products.”

Although there is a lot to be said for the successful marketing strategies Nestlé employs, it is important to highlight that Nestlé’s success doesn’t just come from good products. It also comes from Nestlé’s ability to be global but act local, serving the interests of local consumers. Nestlé has been present in the region for over 110 years and has formed a deep bond with the local community. Generations of consumers in this part of the world have grown up with Nestlé products.

According to Deepal, this strong bond with the local community is another element that helps the company thrive, no matter where in the world it operates. For example, in terms of its business in the Maldives, a key element of Nestlé’s success lies in its long-term relationship with strong and respected distributor partners such as Lily Enterprises, MHA Pvt Ltd, Seenco Pvt Ltd and Lily International Pvt Ltd.

“Nestlé considers its investments a two way opportunity, because when we invest in a country and make our products available there, we also like giving back to the country. If you look around, you can see Milo, for example, sponsoring and supporting sport events. This isn’t just a marketing scheme. It is our wish to enhance, support and help develop the youth of this country.” he explained.

‘Food and Hospitality Asia Maldives (FHAM) 2017’, the leading event for the hospitality and tourism industry in the Maldives, reflects Nestlé’s latest support for the island. Nestlé Professional has partnered the event as Platinum Sponsor for the International Culinary Challenge.

Nestlé Professional is Nestlé’s leading food and beverage solutions provider for the out-of-home culinary sector, including hotels, restaurants, fast-food establishments, cafés, hospitals and schools. It has been an integral part of the Maldivian culinary industry since its inception in 2008. Using its global expertise, Nestlé Professional delivers business ideas and solutions to its customers; leveraging the strength of Nestlé’s wide portfolio of products to drive profitable growth for its business partners. It also supports the development of local chefs, empowering them to be strong contributors to the country’s economy.

“Partnering ‘Food and Hospitality Asia Maldives (FHAM) 2017’ is our way of celebrating our long standing relationship with the Maldivian culinary industry. Tourism is the largest economic industry in the Maldives, playing an important role in earning foreign exchange revenue and generating employment. Events like this therefore hold a significant importance in supporting tourism. It helps to skill-up the local culinary fraternity; equipping it to cater to Maldives’ growing popularity as a tourist destination” says Deepal.

“We are committed to continue partnering the Maldives in its growth and development, and to support the country by sharing our global knowledge and expertise. We look forward to building even deeper bonds with this beautiful island” he added