Movenpick ice cream

09 October 2017

Mövenpick Ice Cream is sold in almost 40 countries worldwide through several thousand points of sales and owes its inspiration to a revolutionary vision of culinary excellence that swept through the kitchens of Swiss restaurants in the 1960s.

Anyone who is fond of ice cream would have at what one point tried a MovenPick Ice-cream and wandered what makes it so good. Their ice cream creations taste like a fresh fruit picked straight out of tree.

This is because Mövenpick ice-cream are made without any  artificial additives, only using the best that nature has to offer.

Mövenpick features an astounding number of unique flavours with a host of exotic ingredients behind the success of its world renowned flavours such as the finest cocoa beans from the Maracaibo region of Venezuela, vanilla seeds from Madagascar and Canadian maple syrup from Quebec.

In addition to their existing flavours, they introduce new limited edition flavours for each season like exotic fruits in the summer and cinnamon for winter.

It’s not just the amazing flavours that make Mövenpick ice cream truly wonderful. The secret behind the perfect ice-cream served by Mövenpick lies in their use of only the best cream for all of their ice-cream. Combined with the “savoir-fair" of their exquisite ice cream, the creaminess of the ice-cream is beyond comparison.

Cream Aside, the culinary finesse of Mövenpick recipes are firmly rooted in gastronomic experimentation. Just like great chefs, The Maître Glaciers of Mövenpick are always searching for extraordinary ingredients and flavours for new creations.

Their passion for the exceptional and their delight in creating flavour combinations are boundless.” Reeds a statement made on the official website of Mövenpick

Authentic taste, unbelievably creamy, refined and well-balanced: the unique character of the Mövenpick creations cannot be summed up in just a few words. It's that special sensation when a Mövenpick ice cream melts on your tongue, and all your senses are simultaneously and wonderfully awakened. Give in to temptation!

The official distributors of Mövenpick ice-cream in the Maldives is VH Holdings pvt ltd.